Global Smart Shipping TMS

With our user-friendly Transport Management System you will get the best price for your shipment in no time. From documents to pallets, both nationally and internationally.

We at GSS want you to benefit from our many years of experience in logistics and IT. For this we have designed the perfect Transport Management System. Completely free to use! Thanks to our many daily shipments, you can now also benefit from the economies of scale that large companies enjoy, without contractual obligations!

State of the art system for parcel and pallet transport

We work with renowned parcel carriers for our parcel and small pallet shipments. This allows us to offer a high-quality worldwide network. For freight transport we work with a number of large groupeurs, who are in turn specialized in larger shipments. This provides enormous flexibility. Where standard carriers have maximum dimensions, we have a range of carriers, each with their own specialty, in our Transport Management System. That way you never go wrong with your shipments!

Customization for your company

We offer custom-made solutions, so we see your transport problem as a challenge and we provide a suitable solution. From dedicated couriers to FTL (Full Truck Load) & LTL (Less than Truckload). Together with our network of carriers, we take care of small and large volume shipments in an efficient way.

Customs and shipping advice personalized

Besides that you can book through our system, we also provide appropriate customer service. This team of specialists has the knowledge of all matters concerning transport and is ready to answer all your questions. You can also track your shipments yourself with our track & trace module, so you are always up to date. Do you want to import or export urgently or normally? Everything is possible!

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The benefits of GSS

Import & Export
Well-arranged portal
Competitive prices
Clear invoices
Excellent customer service
From parcel to pallet(s)
Always the right carrier
Free use of platform
24/7 Track & Trace
High efficiency and transparency

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The platform highlighted


On our platform you can see where you need to be at a glance. This is illustrated with clear icons. This way you can do different things in your own account.


Enter shipment data

When you are in the ‘Rate + Booking’ menu, you can request a quote for your shipment by entering the destination and weight / dimensions.



Compare & Book

When you have entered all the requested data you will get to the screen where you can see all the carriers and compare the price / delivery time. If you have found the right carrier and delivery time / price combination you can easily book your shipment.

Track & Trace

When your shipment is booked and you want to look back at the status of the shipment, you are in the right place with Track & Trace. At a glance you can see all the shipments you have booked and the associated status. All shipments are also monitored daily by our customer service team and action is taken if necessary.

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